Adelante Community Development drives change through, Business, Education and Technology to help solve problems into our community

MarĂ­a Gonzalez

CEO & Founder

Adelante Community Development (ADC) is a non-profit organization serving Latino families and entrepreneurs.  ACD is a group of committed leaders and small business owners convened in strategic planning for businesses and economic justice in Colorado.

ACD was founded by Maria Gonzalez, a lifetime community leader and owner of Gonzalez Insurance Group in Commerce City.  Maria has worked tirelessly to provide the leadership, empowerment and linkages that the Latino entrepreneurs need to further their entrepreneurial goals.  In October 2010 Maria encouraged a small group of business owners to join her in hosting a one time meeting with Commerce City government to address the ongoing business disparities.  After this meeting Maria realized that there were serious work need in the business community.  Therefore, she created a bi-monthly business workshops under the name of Minority Business Association.  After the tremendous success Maria created a board of directors and with funding from The Denver foundation renamed the group to Adelante Community Development and became the first Adams County non-profit association helping monolingual Spanish-speaking business owners to succeed.  

ACD has now grown into supporting entrepreneurs with business compliance, digital transformation, and entrepreneurial training and leadership. In addition ACD now also serves the community with access to health resources, basic human needs, legal services as well as resource and referral.

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